There is no alternative to sustainable development but the problem for most clients is where to start.....

Is it better, for instance, to generate some form of renewable energy on site, or reduce energy use as far as possible by insulating buildings and changing patterns of use?

How should one respond to emerging legislation, especially as, for many clients, revenue savings are not convertible to capital budgets? 

We don’t just start with these questions when we think about sustainability; we look at the wider context.

We help our clients establish a strategy for sustainability at an early stage. In this way we create a better understanding of what the design of a facility must achieve and how much emphasis is to be given to sustainable criteria. This gives us an insight into the right team to select for a project and the standards to be applied in the brief. We help our clients to assess their current energy use and set and monitor realistic targets throughout the development of the design and into construction. Finally the completed project is reviewed against the targets set in the initial brief.

We also recognise that many clients cannot afford to be cutting-edge in sustainable design. They want to meet, and sometimes exceed, the regulations, but do not have the procedures or operational expertise to achieve more. We help our teams focus on giving the client a better understanding of the energy life cycle, minimising the costs of running the building and implementing any behaviour change which will be required

We have experience applying the industry-standard environmental standards, such as BREEAM. We also believe that the construction process itself can be optimised for sustainability and we promote the principles of the Waste & Resources Action Plan (WRAP) for ‘designing out waste’ and reduction of waste to landfill.