Luke Hayes
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Cross River Partnership

Formed in 1995, the Cross River Partnership brings together 14 private and public sector partners to make the link between wealth and prosperity in central London and deprived areas and to make the river less of a physical and social barrier. It is responsible for more than a hundred projects in, over and around the river, including new bridges and transport routes.

Our work with CRP began with the Millennium Bridge, an ambitious project to complete the regeneration of London’s south bank with the first new pedestrian crossing across the Thames for a century. Together with Southwark as CRP lead partner we devised a strategy to seek permissions for the bridge through a unique collaboration between the respective statutory authorities and the Port of London Authority, trimming a year off the normal timeframe. 

Due to its innovative design and the public’s fascination with its construction, the bridge became a key project in the cultural regeneration of the area both north and south of the river.  We provided the point of focus and coordination between landowners, neighbours and residents during the construction, and led the client team during the programme to cure the ‘wobble’. The bridge is a huge success, fully open all year round and exceeding its planned four million annual visitors.